Welcome to the Forum!
Welcome to the Flashii forum, it's been a while but we're back!

There's a number of features that I'd like to have that are still missing but are definitely in the making, you can view the progress on them here https://github.com/flashwave/misuzu/issues (url bbcodes and automatic conversion of textual links to real links being among them...). If you have stuff you wish to suggest create a topic in the Feature Requests forum, or if you have a Github account you may also do whatever you can do over there.
If you discover anything that doesn't appear to function as it should, create a topic over in the Bug Reports forum or contact me if it's broken to the extent that you can't even post there any more.

I hope you'll enjoy the site and will stick around as there's much more to come!

The BB codes that are currently available are as follow; [b], [i], [u], [s], [video] (takes a youtube link), [img] and [code]. A rewrite of the BB code parser is scheduled as the current one is very sub-par, hence the limited selection. I'll revise this post once more have been added.

IMPORTANT: Right now images will automatically turn into a link as well, the mentioned new bbcode parser will NOT do this. So keep that in mind.

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Introduction over, thread locked.
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Post editing has been implemented, if you edit the original post you can also edit the topic title now!

ok it's an adorable forum so far &thanks for spending so much time to make it