New Years Resolutions

In short:

  • Finally publish something to a site/store
  • Finally meet some people I've known for ages

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In response to wam

I need to meet some people and get over my lazyness to organise shit that caused last year to be boring af.
kill 1 person of each ethnicity
start with yourself
stop giving up on things i do after 3 hours and learn hebrew
why are you reading my sig. get back to work
drink less (pretty much none) soda and stop browsing 4chan
ideally id like to get a job i can actually use to get somewhere, stop studying and start putting together the resources to get my own place

will report back at end of year
Hopefully joining a union and getting into motorsports. I’ve also been learning to skate but don’t have much room to work with since everything outside is icy as fuck.
Probably lurking xd