What Are You Watching (WAYW)
yu yu hakusho, nice that's a classic for me. I watched hxh a year ago and it gave me similar vibes.
theyre made by the same dude as i just found out recently. yuyu is pretty neat so far
oof kinda old but, i just started watching anime again. kinda into new normie shit but i started watching Jojo Part 5, and I started Mob Psycho 100 II. My pal john is holding me at gunpoint to watch Jojo Part 4 and One Punch Man this weekend, and I also need to start Cowboy Bebop since I got the entire series for christmas
I remembered that I hadn't watched the Steins;Gate movie yet yesterday, so I watched that. It seems to sit between S;G and S;G 0 so if you're planning on watching this series make sure to watch it first after S;G.
Will take that into account since I haven't started steins;gate 0 yet. I heard the movie is sort of confusing by other people due to it not following the logic from the first season, but being a good for showcasing other things. Still gonna watch it at some point and form my own opinion.
I'm watching Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai, Wataten!, and Index S3 this season. Not much else really.
I've been watching Quanzhi Gaoshou (technically not anime, but its anime-influenced chinese animation so w/e) and it's been alright so far. I get an SAO vibe from it but nowhere near as shitty and all the characters are much older.
stop to give up
Started rewatching Dai Mahou Touge yesterday because I found out that Rina Satou voices the main character. It's a pretty funny show, I'd recommend it.

new anime evangelion

rewatching excel saga and while the main anime has no plot at all, there is a very tragic subplot following Pedro, who literally gets cucked by the universe