Where Do You Watch Anime
Yeah; I would definitely turn my setup around so I could see my door at all times if it weren’t for the fact that my bed took up 85% of my room.

I already have a few posters in my room, and most of them are idol posters, so I don’t really know why I care if my parents walk in on me watching anime since they already know I do.
id turn my setup around but i have a monitor mounted on the wall so that would be a bit annoying having the holes in the wall but no mount. also same, my parents know i watch anime so its not that big of a deal
stop to give up
i've built an underground bunker in an undisclosed location somewhere on an island in the pacific which is encased in several feet of iron to act as a faraday cage preventing two way communications through any inductive methods to prevent anyone from ever knowing that i am watching cute japanese cartoon girls

in secret using fake names i've worked with some of the last film reel producers on this earth which are only around in remote areas of france and some few parts of germany to reproduce the entire volume of digital japanese animation in an analog format so as to eliminate the dependency on digital media, which could through some miracle of modern technology some day report to someone somewhere that i am enjoying cute japanese cartoon girls doing cute things in private. it is absolutely essential that no one ever finds out about this and after having built my own analog film projector out of a rubber band and two tin cans i am absolutely confident that no one will ever find out

do you regularly clean this bunker with chlorine trifluoride?

the government has recently deployed surveillance bacteria all around the world, and can thus be tracked in on your boots, exposing your secret to the feds
same. I actually discovered whenever my parent come up they turn on the hall light, so when i see the hall light turn on, i alt tab out of what im doing

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nice outplay
malloc.. there's only one major flaw in your opsec. you've just disclosed all this classified information under your internet alias. if this isn't a bait persona used for tricking the CIA [AD HOMINEM FOR AFRO-AMERICAN PEOPLE] then you've just committed the equivalent of a war crime to your data
yea this website is cool but everyone has fucking horrible opinions on here like wtf is this
at the kinoplex of course