windows xp death thread
13 days to go
i hate this, I'm going to cry
why must you do this to me, Bill Gat Es
Windows XP was the last version of Windows that wasn't botnet af. If I have to use Windows I will use Windows XP despite the fact it's out of support. XP users will sadly have to switch over to Linux
I recommend Arch Linux as it's simmilar to XP in the sense that it has no bloat
enable IPv6 or suffer from IPv4 deprectiation
it was too pure a maiden for this wicked earth

rest in peace
stop to give up
biggest rip
Disable ipv6 and become one with the ipv4 singularity
damn, i remember when posready was announced to have longer term support and everyone was like "2019 is forever away, youll be fine"

time fuckin flies
stop to give up
I remember that one registry hack was possible so you could make regular Windows XP get POSReady updated and Microsoft was like "oh fuck goddammit why did we make it like this"
the final month is upon us, posready not so ready anymore :(((((((((((((