Image proxy
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Yeah ok so I just thought of this

you can basically just link an image on your own web server and easily get all the IPs from the users on the forum so maybe add a proxy to the images? There are some public ones you can use too so you don't have to burn your traffic
yea this website is cool but everyone has fucking horrible opinions on here like wtf is this
this has been on my mind as well, it's definitely planned but not extremely high prio at the moment
This is somthing I was thinking of as soon as I saw the image bb code and me being a retard after directly linking 4chan.

Cloudflare could help with bandwith use but some people are not too keen on cloudflare.
too bad for people because i already use it, although i might get rid of it sometime
Set one up as an experiment, we'll see how it goes.
how am i supposed to distribute my bitcoin mining programs now
be clever, you can probably fuck up parsedown somehow
This topic has been archived.