New Years Resolutions
The start of a new year is the start of another cycle of our lives, and the sky's the limit; it's all about what you're willing to risk in the now so that you can hopefully gain so much more in the end.

Last year I completed my resolution of purchasing some land, and my resolution this year is getting a stable wild rice crop growing in my pond. It's a difficult crop to grow and especially to harvest, since it's popular with all the native wildlife and they'll all want their share, but if you do it just right, you can make off with quite the harvest. Wild rice is a really popular crop with tourists in northern Wisconsin, and you can sell a pound of it from anywhere from 5 to 10 bucks. Additionally, if you knock off some seeds into the pond as you're harvesting, you effectively replant for the following year with relatively little work involved. It's an absolutely perfect staple crop if you can get it to take in your soil.

What are you folks absolutely set on getting done in the year of 2019? Don't be shy.
I'm all about the small but strong things when it comes to resolutions, for now at least.
In 2019 I want to start seeing my relatives more, we almost all live in the same town so it's kinda criminal that I see some of them once or twice in the entire year. Already started the year out good since both sides of the family had a little new years celebration gathering!
I'm gonna try and do what I did last year, save up money so I can hopefully one day leave the UK (and not just for a vaction) in a few years. (my reasons i'd prefer not to say here but should be well known)
I'm pretty far in, gonna hope my work gives me more hours during the busy summer season in a few months time.

My 18th birthday and the 3 year aniversary of me leaving school are this year, will go on a vaction maybe I dunno.
I'm gonna try and do things out of my comfort zone more. Such as, meeting new people and going out more and do things rather than be at home all the time. Work on my personality and interactions with others as my mental game is weak compared to most.

Also try to get better grades because I'm finishing university soon and that scares me

Ok, but being serious, I decided instead of accepting that I’ve gotten my life into quite the shitty spot, I plan to finally do something about it and turn things around for me.

that's good, pretty much what i've been doing last year
flashii was a big part of that so i'm glad i got it in a minimum viable state before 2019
I hope I solve being a procrastinating dumbass this year. Can't afford to retake classes and I'm really pushing it.

Heres to hoping I program a little less and study a little more.
Disable ipv6 and become one with the ipv4 singularity
I wanna shag at least 20 more people an hour, gonna up that to 40 by April.
you can do it man i believe in your shagging abilities