Car Thread
>he doesn't use pubic transhit
>costs more than owning a car
i just had to do my state emissions test and initially the repairs i needed were quoted at around $1200 but i managed to find a shop in the next town over to do it for only $380 and they were even kind enough to fix any additional issues for free. so essentially i got two O2 sensors and a new catalytic converter for the price of like one repair. but then the sticker itself costs $100 so still spent a lot in the end but way less than i would have otherwise
its a 2011 ford focus se.
got my licence the other day, and im loving driving my car.
especially saying that were supposed to get a motherload of snow tonight making biking impossible tommrow
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Picture of my car after I have it a mid-winter carwash
2011 Ford Focus SE with 85,635 miles on it
Ive gotten it up to about 80mph on the motorway but have never pushed it any faster

For those wondering I get 42 mpg highway driving and 33 mpg city driving
The mpg computer in the car lowballs everything
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man drives a reliant robin you get me
i have this bitch

but it is going away soon as it has proved to be too expensive to fix
stop to give up
this nigga do be driving the pizza hut logo
considering acquiring 2006 toyota aygo
I bought a new car in January 2020 due to my blue Polo being wrote off by the insurance as somone decided to ram me up the back to 50mph (80km/h)

Got around to replacing the rear brakes and doing a full overhaul, new cylinders, fluid change, shoes and drums.