What Are You Watching (WAYW)
started kyouran kazoku nikki (chika cute) a week or three ago but haven't continued cuz no time, also wanna rewatch lucky star sometime soon
1 episode of indexIII left and watching mirai nikki
still haven't completed Railgun T and i doubt i ever will
railgun S and T are planned once i finish those two gotta get on the grind
kuroko had some pretty cool moments, but i don't like how they're moeblobbing mikoto and it also made me want to buy a cheap shokuhou figurine and put it in the microwave
this thread is for all kinds of weeaboo bullshit right?
currently i'm reading umineko. i've recently been reading VNs way more than watching anime.
i'm planning to watch these highlighted torrents in image attached although it isn't all of it.
i've also been meaning to read "Sangokushi" for a while which is a manga retelling of the classic Chinese novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" but I haven't gotten around to that yet. I might end up just buying paperback of the original novel instead.
i'm really enjoying eighty-six, but it'll probably never end as most light novels

I haven't had much time to watch anime lately, but I am watching HameFura and Samurai Champloo right now. It's obvious Samurai Champloo was trying to be the new Bebop but if it gets there I don't know
currently watching hidamari sketch, it's good

also yuyushiki still on back burner, i've now been slowly watching it for more than a year
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