Flashii Chat Feature Requests
As both flash and I are currently developing an entirely new chat system that this website will use, we want to hear from you guys about what you'd personally like to see in the new system. Right now would be the best time for such requests as the core logic hasn't been cemented on either the client or server side, so if you've got anything in particular you'd like to see please post about it in this thread.

- avatars
- multiple simultaneous channels
- private messages
- notifications
- copy/paste and drop-in file sharing
will it let you send messages to a channel?
no that costs extra
i would like the feature where the chatroom is online
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"i would like the feature where the chatroom is online"

I agree with Carly Rae Jepsen
i request that all functions and variables be in all caps for aesthetic purposes
i request that i can use the old ajax chat themes
i wish the last one was incorporated into the forum itself. tbh using bbcode feels so archaic and annoying...
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...
it's been planned in that area as well, i just need to make sure the server doesn't run out of disk space