Flashii Chat Feature Requests
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wtf ever happened to this glorious sock chat?

and VOIP is something i would like to see if you have it already
the OG shock cat was anal garbage, also a lot of internal politics and shit
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...

while it worked well in its time there are several limitations that warrant a complete rewrite, additionally the server side being written in php ended up causing some issues that would've been avoided had it been written in a compiled language


the only version of sock chat you barely used was the custom client that flash was actively in the middle of developing when you were using it, it's pretty unfair to make a claim like that when you've never or barely seen the core sock chat client which was part-and-parcel a drop in replacement for ajax chat nor have you ever worked with the server

most people couldn't even tell the difference between sock chat and ajax chat

sock chat more like bare leg and foot chat
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no i remember the ajax chat inspired version too, it would always randomly stop updating messages and i'd have to constantly relog. the only "fix" was basically to have the client kick you from chat if it happened, which was just as cumbersome.

i know it was the flash client version that somehow figured out how to make a webpage cause a BSOD, but the prior build wasn't good either. i mean, that's why you chucked all that code in the bin and started over to begin with...
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...
as bizarre as sock chat was in terms of behavior i have never seen it do anything that actually got in the way of its functioning

considering you're also a frequent poster in the bug section of this site i would wager that you are digitally cursed
i think flash mustve sneezed on me once and i caught his breakitis
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...
for i am become death, destroyer of websites
id catch flash's breaktits

Simple, just take slack, add a GAMER:tm: aesthetic, bish bash bosh

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