Desktop Thread v9
wow agnes that is a realy prettie wallpaper
a mess!
at least your windows version is correct
i wouldn't be able to imagine using win10, it's such a mess lol (aside from the ads, privacy issues etc.)
yea i'm probably gonna hop over to linux once 7 support is over lol
mmm, i'll just see for how long i can handle 7... every time i gave a linux distro a whirl it just ended up making me feel quite at home back in 7... perhaps i'm just too dumb for linux, but it just feels so clunky to use...
linux is just entirely different in how it works, and once you are so used to one workflow, its a lot to ask to completely change said workflow. fwiw, 8.1 has 3 years of support post 7 and can be made good with a couple of powershell commands and putting the time into organizing the tiles correctly like so
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...
desktop linux partition
riced up i3 a little
enable IPv6 or suffer from IPv4 deprectiation