ZEN3MP Development
Hello everyone! I'm in the process of creating a new project for my personal website Zeniea.com called ZEN3MP. Some of you have already seen it but in this thread I'll be detailing updates with the website as they come and also taking feature requests and feedback. I also may use this to ask for help on any questions I have as I am relearning a lot of web development stuff.

The main goal of the site is to operate as a lightweight social network with an emphasis on RPG Questing and an in-game economy. It is developed using PHP, MySQL, Bootstrapv4 and uses bits of jQuery. I'm using it primarily as a passion project but also a portfolio piece eventually when I try to look for work. I will write up the site rules soon but just try not to be ignorant on it until I make a private profile function please. And don't intentionally exploit things. I'm like 99% sure everything is good right now, and I will end up posting source code eventually too so it can be peer reviewed but I just wanna clean things up first.

Once fully realized it will contain elements similar to zQuest in the sense that quests you embark on will use a variety of animated images and HTML5 canvas to portray the experience as to make it compatible for mobile users. It will use your characters stats to interact with world objects and you will earn items for your inventory. You will have a variety of typical RPG combat options to select from as well as an NPC conversation system (hopefully) I plan to build a pretty in depth Quest system using PHP classes and then building an admin panel to allow for high ranking members to build their own rudimentary quests.

I also plan on having item collection be a very important part of the site, where many items accrue rarity over time and are earned through quests while meeting special conditions and then allowing users to start up shops and barter their items among each other. More progression in the questing and economic aspect of the site will provide the user with more flair they can use for their social aspects like badges, ranks, icons, access to new quests, etc etc. Also the RPG system is loosely based on Morrowind as of rn, without the Major and Minor skills and with some slight balances. I expect the nature of the battle engine to change as new classes are added and the "meta" develops.

So I will probably update this thread in tandem wth the Site News section. I won't like directly copy paste but I wouldn't doubt to see some overlay there. As of right now you can register, create your character, login, post, private message, search for users, add and remove friends, get notifications, like posts, all the bare minimum. Also there is a darksky theme.

Any questions?
Already said this in the other thread but I'm pretty excited to see what this'll turn into
It's def gonna take some time to really get the quest system where I'd like it to be though. I'm not sure how I plan on designing it so that the users stats are injected into the HTML5 canvas games but I was thinking about hidden input forms. Might be a bit hacky. It's not a huge priority rn as I'm trying to complete my character class and leveling features first, but I'd like to start planning database structure and features now so it's easy to adapt and built onto in the future.

I need to interface with more javascript frameworks as well, I think a lot of functionality could be done with the right tools I just don't know them yet.