What are -->Y0U<-- listening to ! (WAYLT) !

found this on accident a few days ago, probably my second favorite production of this opera. rolando villazon as hoffman is an absolutely primo casting choice as he has a very pronounced vibrato and a wide range as a tenor that biases more towards the higher side which i think perfectly captures the personage of the character

the female leads are done well, olympia especially in the doll song which is sung with a calculated erratic style which seems more akin to offenbach's intention for the aria. antonia is excellent and giulietta is ok

the bass playing lindorff and the antagonists is my only gripe with the production, he often hits notes flat and especially as doctor miracle. the quartet in that portion is one of my favorites of all opera because of the intense swelling to very dramatic notes at the end of the chorus, but he harmonized so poorly with the others that it was frankly embarrassing. if a more competent bass for this vocal role was cast this production may have been perfect

i wish the subtitles were in english but i already have the entire libretto memorized so i don't really care

synthv eat your heart out


the shema in the latter portion of this brings a tear to my eye

i have the music taste of an edgy 14 year old

thank you appel muziek