Phone Homescreen Thread
out here with a Dutch bank
technically it's called ING Bank Śląski, since it merged with Bank Śląski (Silesian Bank), everyone just calls it ING tho

their new insurance thing doesn't even try, they call themselves Nationale Nederlanden without any translation spɟsƃɟ
Used Nova Launcher to remove the Google searchbar + being able to use custom icons, like the one of the Marth screaming at the bottom right, which is my uni timetable.
new set of wallpoopers, sad mikoto aesthetic comes to an end and line-y mikoto + short hair saki comes to a start
new shit yay
Finally a new one
imagine being blinded by your phone when you're just trying to check the hour in the middle of the night nah to be honest i'm just boring spɟsƃɟ