Phone Homescreen Thread
My crappy klwp setup. Originally had a different background image but it got removed and I'm too lazy to copy it back over from my PC. Gonna probably make a new setup when I update my phone to android 10.

new month new backgrounds
finally i've created a proper wallpaper, fully weeb in order to curb my phone addiction in social situations

also osaka cute spɟsƃɟ
i am the only user of this thread
actually grouped apps so it could be more visible (18,000 emails baby)
Photo & Video

found a really good image for a wallpaper

also, i recently changed the dpi thing in dev settings, i like the smaller fonts and denser screen. should have changed it earlier tbf spɟsƃɟ

Changed this a couple of months ago, but forgot to update. It's just a picture from the Berserk manga.