Joining the tester role
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TL;DR: If you want to join the Tester role, use this form. You can opt-out by removing the role on the Settings page.

So for years now I've had a separate test site (it redirects to the main site now) available for people to check out features before they go live, for the current iteration I was planning to continue that structure and thus it's been around for the majority of 2018. Last October or November, I forget exactly which it was, I restricted log in permissions of the site exclusively to people with the Tester role as the site was in sync with the raw master branch of the git source repository at the time. Since then I've made changes to the update system where the versions of the site are controlled by git tags rather than branches which pretty much closed the gap between the two. This mixed with already having to use a different subdomain doesn't make the test site a very attractive ordeal, thus a few days ago I came up with an alternative solution.

After the forum launch occurs and the automatic script that opens up the forum nukes the specific forum permissions the Tester role has, I want to open the Tester role up for anyone to join. An interface to join the role would replace the current, non-lethal experimental features would be on the regular site shielded with the tester permission, and there would be a subforum in which I would create threads for discussion of said experimental features (which would also make it obvious that something is going on).

As things stand I'll personally go through with this and I doubt anyone has any objections to it regardless. If you want to opt out you can leave the tester role through the settings page at any time and for now I'll just resort to manually adding people to the list until I have said interface ready to go.

(previous title was "Changes to the test site structure")
Ironically right now the Tester role lacks the Tester permission in order for me to prepare for this change and purely serves as closed early access to the forum.

Starting 2019 you'll be able to use this form to join the Tester role.

It looks slightly shady I know, but right now Misuzu has no callback auth support and I want to discourage people from entering their Flashii passwords anywhere but the main website. Eventually this form will be replaced with a prettier looking one on the test subdomain with proper callback auth.
Added a bit of styling to the page to make it look a mile less shady.
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