The Great Northern Experiment (and Homesteading & Farming General Discussion)
very cute
hosimati suisei please
i believe it can be the fastest sheep alive, put it on the track now.

goat baby on wheelbarrow
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...

sort of a test video with this new phone, pretty boring but i will record more interesting stuff later hopefully
can't wait to see more videos from you. i always enjoy watching them

story taimu this one is much more interesting i guarantee it or your money back
I'm glad you didn't get injured in that boating incident. Going for a job or gig that pays less whilst still allowing you to live a stress-free life does seem like the right choice to make. It's not about the destination but more about the journey or something. I love the reimu sitting in the back lol.
This year has been poopy for peppers, like half of them were green and unripe but alas. I will dry some seeds to try again next year. I still need to think about what kind of sauce I will make using these...

edit: gonna try to just make a random ass sauce with the leftover green ones as well cuz why not
you gotta be careful when saving seed, there's two troubles you'll run into when replanting otherwise. most garden plants reproduce sexually, meaning they draw the genotype of the seed from two parents rather than from themselves. if your original pepper plant was a hybrid and you had other hybrids planted alongside, they'll breed with each other and the resulting phenotype isn't true to type because each successive plant selects genes against their parent randomly. additionally, if plants of the same species are planted close by you can have a similar issue with the seed's phenotype as other breeds of the same species will intermingle their genes with yours and cause a seed that doesn't grow true to type

in short if you continue to have harvest issues i highly recommend refreshing your seed stock and talking to neighbors to see if they're planting peppers close to you, as you may be sabotaging yourself. the tiny peppers do look cute tho