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fuck it stack 'em spɟsƃɟ

minor case of mindbreak avi but remember to stay positive no matter what !!

Guy that Gabe knows from work was looking to get rid of one of his does, finally decided he wanted to give it to us. They originally had three but two of them died last winter and this one's been living alone since, herd animals like this do very poorly on their own and we could tell she was going to take a while to get used to our other pasture animals. Given the state of this doe I'm not surprised to hear that her two buddies probably died in the brutal cold of the northern Wisconsin winters due to pure neglect. Please do not keep livestock you can't reasonably take care of, it's just sad to see the results of such mistreatment.

We had to saw the hooves down to a reasonable length with a wood saw and tomorrow I'll be spending hours chipping away at hoof rot and trimming back the excess until they're back to normal. Five minutes of work every other month could have prevented this, and now it's going to take hours.

Testing a new camera in this and I can tell the audio is significantly better than before. I'm hoping to do a summer update soon.

thought this looked cool so i took a video of it

testing this new camera pls let me know if the video and audio works well it's hard for me to tell on the phone and it looks kind of shitty

got a need for beav
good video thank you mom
in other words i should fear the beav
the dutch are the missing link between man and beav very little know fact

trouble in paradise

minor rendering errors in there i tried doing some fast motion shit but my computer is too garbage so it just froze for a few seconds. takes too long to rerender and it isn't big enough of a deal just pretend it's not there