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unfortunately i still have no idea what this thing is from these images and can only guess, trying to pick out defining anatomical characteristics but due to the size and bulk i'm leaning towards coyote though it still looks wrong; this also looks like it was just before dusk of last night rather than this morning too which is interesting

going to analyze the path this followed and see if i can locate any tracks which should be a dead giveaway. any educated guesses are appreciated
bigfoot (maybe a cougar lmoa)
it's a bobcat lmao

consulted with gabe and we went back and forth for a bit but the biggest giveaway is the short tail. no other predator has this feature and after looking really close a few times i can see it in all three images and what i thought was a long tail was just the inner leg

of course the first predator i have to deal with is one of the only in this state that will readily attack a human if it feels threatened or is just in the mood so i'll be revisiting the trapping sight armed. going to try a few different configurations but i won't be taking any video or pictures while out besides the trail cam footage so there'll be an update after i either succeed or get critically injured by a large cat

decided to get a new rooster after i've noticed the predation subside a bit. really missed having rooster because they have such a cute personality and i like waking up to their call in the morning, this guy really doesn't fuck around so i'm hoping he'll take good care of the hens. they seem to like him as well so its all going good

according to the gal i purchased him from it's mostly a black cochin which definitely seems reasonable considering the flaring feathers on the lower legs. should mix well with the hens we've been brooding that'll be moved over probably by the beginning of october

update vid soon i promise sorry it has been busy
decided to experiment a bit on a project i wanted to work out this weekend since i was doing it close to my cabin and i had the ability to use telecommunications which generally isn't possible anywhere else on the land. needed a shallow pump well at my house for washing dishes, doing laundry, and bathing so i don't have to drive threeish miles to get water for these things because i find myself being very stingy with water use and as a result things generally aren't as clean as i'd like them

the difference between this and the other wells i've dug is that i documented the whole process in real time !

enjoy this sumptuous feast of idiocy as it unfolds before your very eyes

it begins innocently enough with some drilling
this one is marked as offensive for some reason i really have no idea why it did this

demonstration of the tool used. this is a hand well drilling auger, the idea is that you rotate it and it removes about a foot of soil every full load. this particular model uses standard 3/4" piping and connectors to extend the shaft which is annoying to disassemble but holds together very strong

tried a new method of perforating the well casing that i had not tried before. was pretty confident at this point but didn't really think hard enough about the implications of this design until later as you will see

demo of the well in mid construction and a foot valve which ended up being defective. do not buy plastic foot valves they're just worthless


next day things get exciting at first but i fuck up really bad and have to bury everything and start over

using the slitting technique i used prior. a note about this second well spot is that the water column is actually significantly shorter (only cutting from ~6in to 2.5ft) but it's much rockier and as a result much cleaner than the prior spot

minor discouragement but do not let it get to you !!


things were pretty much fully set up at this point and i just had to put on the finishing touches. going to provide these posts with no commentary since they say what they need to say alone

at last water is coming out of the ground. this is a game changer you have no idea

been pumping it all day so that the sediment clears out of the draw pipe and casing, and i'm getting incredibly clear water which is very pleasant. going to do some tests to determine the potability and if it's in the clear i won't need to drive three miles for water ever again !

will probably attempt this format in the future when it's possible because i did genuinely enjoy doing it but i will probably conduct it in such a way that everything is all in one spot somehow so i don't need to do this kind of in-thread summary because it was kind of a pain in the ass. i will figure it out do not worry
seeing this unfold in Real Time on twitter was arguably the most interesting thing that happened to my twitter timeline ever since i registered, thank you for that spɟsƃɟ
over the last year or so i've tried in some capacity to archive or express some philosophical wisdom of what things i've learned in all this and so far the methods used don't capture the full essence of what i'm trying to communicate because saying it so plainly in logical prose removes the thoughtful considerations that come with it. after reading the tao te ching i understand why: the purpose of philosophy is not a rhetoric to tell one how to think but rather a device to invoke thought in a specific direction

that all being said i have a very brief portion of a longer work I'm developing that i like the style of and would appreciate any criticism on

A man cannot speak without hearing.
A man cannot learn without instruction.
A man cannot know without assurance.
From whence is the self?

From the womb a man forms.
From his company a man grows.
From his alliances a man becomes.
From whence is the self?

The physical form of a man comes from his mother and father.
The mental form of a man comes from his confidantes and trustees.
The spiritual form of a man comes from what he does for those he loves.
From whence is the self?

The self is not from within but from without.

:angry: talk

minor update on a project i finished up today, thought it was worth showing. dunno if i'm going to bother keep updating on things because i really don't think anything i have to say in particular about specialized subjects isn't something you can't find anywhere else. might do an annual video update or something, still working it out

got most of my maple cut up and stored snug, just got a few longer pieces i gotta cut down to size and split. still got all my pine left to split as well so we're doing great on wood for the winter

this week was a bit of a miracle too in terms of weather, didn't think it'd hardly get above 40 till this coming april but all of the sudden we had a perfect week of clear skies in the 70s this whole week. was able to get everything i needed to get done before winter done with my hand healed and being laid off from work so i'm excited to go into winter swinging

some of our does are dropping their udders too so we're expecting some baby goats coming up soon