How did you find the site?
I'm kind of curious how all of you ended up finding this tucked away in a corner of the internet site. Tell Your Story In The Comments Below!
you made accounts work and posted a link to it and so I made an account
Disable ipv6 and become one with the ipv4 singularity
i cant remember if the link was posted on cybernetics or zeniea back in the day, it was one of the two.
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...
a series of unfortunate events
wanted to talk about programming and this was the zone where programming was talked of and then
i met a cool guy named flash and he told me about his site so I joined
i'd met you a couple weeks prior and you were starting a website so i was like ok and the rest is future
In June 2017, Louis asked if we wanted to call in a YouTube comment and we thought we should. After a while, we were talking all the time. Eventually I got in a discord server ran by danoct01 and this dude named flash told me to join this site. I did.
enable IPv6 or suffer from IPv4 deprectiation
bruh I found it on Twitter
was watching super hardcore double anal double vaginal porn, and this came up in one of the ads