How did you find the site?

13-14 year old me lurked (and unfortunately posted on) Malwareup a bit, and I thought Flash was cool so I stalked him and found Flashii


somehow flash has been a role model for me for very long
oh god
hey you manage to publish things instead of losing energy and then forgetting about them
also my brain attributes you to misaka and misaka is cute
one day, while walking back from school, i was cornered by a group of very weird people dressed in suits and in sunglasses. they told me that i'm destined to do great things and gave me what looked like an empty business card. when i got home, i noticed that under uv light there was some weird text.

some weird hex string. visibly ascii, i was wondering what the fuck was going on. some cicada knockoff? some secret society?

$ echo '666c61736869692e6e6574' | xxd -r -p

i guess you could call that a secret society. spɟsƃɟ

what a shitty arg
shut the fuck up spɟsƃɟ
everyone but me had an account and i wanted to feel included
#6687 and big evil rougeamp

also a bonus:
enable IPv6 or suffer from IPv4 deprectiation