Create your own Story Episode 1: What happened here?
unko found out people were sending dislikes to her osu tatakae ouendan gameplay videos
someone ate a lot of red food and it made their poop red but they also died
Disable ipv6 and become one with the ipv4 singularity
"grandma eat red pant and died"
A murder occured
enable IPv6 or suffer from IPv4 deprectiation
shit kid's parents snapped
"shit kid's parents snapped"

this can mean multiple things

it could mean that there's a kid who is taking a shit there rn and his parents explode in a bloody mess while waiting for him
it could mean that a kid was being shitty and his parents killed him leaving a bloody mess
it could mean that the parents picked up the kid's shit, snapped it in half an a red substance splooshed out

you gotta be more specific with your wording cause i'm thoroughly confused and quite frankly extremely terrified
I was thinking the second one. The last one you said is something I was not thinking about, but I'll leave it to your interpretation.

Edit: referencing kid who shit himself on stream to be exact
it's an aftermath of spɟsƃɟ
Someone forgot to stay off the hook.