Manual or Automatic
So what type of transmission do you like driving: manual or automatic...and why?

I love my manual transmission in my Ford Focus
I feel in complete control in any situation and feel more free shifting the gears.
I also enjoy having instant responce when I up or downshift instead of waiting several seconds for an automatic to decide that you will be shifting up or shifting down
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i'm purely a "driving is a means to an end" type of person so i find that automatic works better for me, at least in instances where the transmission actually works well. my dad's 4 cylinder ranger is super annoying to maintain speed in, especially when dealing with hills (which are sadly plentiful here in socal) because the transmission won't shift down soon enough and then goes to scarily high rpm when it finally does. but my car shifts fine on its own and i can't say i'd enjoy having to manually shift it, especially with socal traffic being a consideration
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...
i like manual because it is more fun to drive that way
hosimati suisei please
i'd drive manual because no one drives automatic here, it also seems lazy
I drive an automatic, no experience with manual but i think its still very open ended in 2019.
(Now in the US, standards are way less available than automatics, often restricted to certain trims( often pricier )).

I would agree that automatics are definitely the lazier option by default / definition lmao.

But i dont really think one is better than the other since mid 2000's automatic transmission have gotten extremely competent and in reality, automatics will always be faster than the best standard operator.

Id like to get a 08 infiniti G35 6MT as my next car (currently in an 03 g35 sedan 5AT).
But even my 03 5AT does a great job handling rev ranges and power delivery, i rarely have to downshift through the manumatic to get the response im looking for.

I see a lot of arguments about standard transmissions being preferable in holding gear around corners or full rev range when needed but almost every (competent) AT can achieve the same thing while being way more economical by todays standards, and if not then a provided manumatic/tiptronic can provide the same results.

The main thing is that with a standard you dont have to worry about the slight chance that you might not have the power delivery needed, you are 1 to 1 with the gearbox, no transmission computer in the way of that. however like AT's its very dependent on your transmission as a lot of gear boxes can be shit but that goes without saying.

Also you have to actually worry about shifting in it self and doing so without hitting 6k rpm everytime because "bro this 1998 honda accord sounds so sweet when it redlines".
I mean yea it probably does but you sound and look like a retard dropping the clutch at every redlight, and getting gas every other day because you somehow changed its respectable 20 city / 32 highway into 1 city / 10 highway.

Same thing goes for the retard in the automatic 2005 Volkswagen jetta.

Definitely not a AT or standard shill but they each have positives and negatives.


i dont have my licensnce yet but manual seems nicer to me, there's a lot of things you can do with manual you kinda... can't do with automatic
I drive manual on mario kart wii
i like having the full control on the manuals, its really nice. Automatic cars feel like toys
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i dont have a license yet, but honestly i would drive an auto due to the traffic here. manual is nice and all for leisure but if i want to travel from A to B efficiently and in the most comfort i'd pick auto. other than that, i'm quite on the fence

fun fact: singapore has separate licenses for auto and manual. if you take the manual one you can drive both AT/MT. if you take the auto one you only can drive cars with AT.
thats intresting. I thought automatics were another american invention that never caught on outside of america
the more you know
btw i use arch, and you should too, shame on you.
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