Manual or Automatic
fun fact, automatic transmission is a canadian invention
hosimati suisei please
automatics are available everywhere afaik, its not like the past anymore. if you're talking about less developed countries then yeah manual might be the more common one there.
its really sad because the manual transmission is far superior to the automatic
btw i use arch, and you should too, shame on you.
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i can get past their brain
btw i use arch, and you should too, shame on you.
enable IPv6 or suffer from IPv4 deprectiation
driven both, prefer automatic because I'm lazy. I deal with shift lag by putting it in sport mode lmao
No manual no, please no I don't wanna go manual, I just spend too much time thinking if I should change the gear or not.
i prefer manual in mario kart wii as well, giving up the speed advantage just makes no sense
you don't think about shifting anymore after a while it's just a thing you do at some point, keep driving.
I drive both semi-regularly, my car is manual (second-generation MR2) and my parents' car is automatic. Manual is just so much more fun, although some of that may also just be driving a sports car is way more fun than an SUV or a pickup truck. Taking corners well just feel so satisfying, though. And when you drive manual every day it just becomes second nature - like there's never any real worry about whether or not to shift because you're used to your own car and you know what speeds require what gears, and eventually you get to being able to feel it out in any other car.

Driving automatic just feels like driving sluggishly, or half-asleep. This analogy won't really make sense to anyone but it's like the difference between playing tetris with customizable handling vs playing something like puyo puyo tetris with line clear delay and stuff - it just feels unclean, like something is clogging up your perfect lines of action.

I've never driven a shitty manual though (those don't survive long in the US, since automatics are so wide-spread) so maybe that would change my mind.
Have kinda fucked around with my aunt's VW bug back in mexico (look up the history of those cars in mexico if you want a fun time, they're almost absurdly popular) but that car was pretty well-maintained and other than that nothing much.
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