What GNU/Linux Disitribution are you using?

I'm currently using Manjaro on both my main machine and my laptop.
don't link directly from 4chan, they got hotlink protection and the files expire

also i generally stick to Debian derivatives like Ubuntu, Devuan and Debian itself of course
Ubuntu on my home computer and Debian on my server
yea this website is cool but everyone has fucking horrible opinions on here like wtf is this
Debian Sid For laptop/desktop
Debian Jessie runs on everything I own. The only exception is my thin client which doesn't support PAE. I had to use AntiX, which is close enough
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i use fedora on my desktop but i know just about nothing about the differences between distros so I only prefer cuz im used to it
any server i happen to own runs everyone's laze favourite, ubuntu
besides that i'm a windower tho
ran void linux as my main driver for a while, stopped since it kept fucking up and was making simple shit much more complicated than it needed to be

on pretty much every server i've run that's not windows server i use debian just because it's easy for small brains like me and i like it in general

running msys2 or wsl gives me access to the gcc on windows which is primarily why i used linux as my main operating system in the first place, and i've got enough shit running that's exclusive to windows that i couldn't avoid using a vm for it on linux anyways. some day i might go back to a linux desktop but probably not soon
I told you not to use void mom, I was planning on abandoning it already. VMs aren't even a big deal I was able to run virtual anime sex sim (vrchat) just fine on my 4790K machine which is similar to what you have now. The only reason I stopped using a VM for this was because AYYMDLMAO makes good gpus with the same hardware flaws over and over which makes vm use with quests that like to reboot themself painful. Nvidia is fine though.
back when i did server shit, it was mostly on either ubuntu server or debian or xubuntu running xampp

in linux class i got a little bit of hands on time with centos/fedora but i'm too retarded to figure it out so i just stick to the debian-based builds

as for desktop use, i haven't tried it in a long while but i always found myself bouncing back to windows for shit and i don't particularly care to sink the effort into dual booting or complex vm setups just to use linux so i just stick to windows. thinking of maybe throwing some distro on my laptop tho because it's not like i really use it much anyways and then i'd have a means of learning the platform as a daily driver again, but that's quite the timesink and then i'd have to get myself to actually use the thing so idk
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...