Sandbox Garry's Mod Server

I was watching Vinesauce's Half Life 2 streams and grew nostalgic for fucking around in Garry's Mod because of it, so here's a server. This thread exists for information and requesting additions to the collection of addons, with a workshop link please.

Collection URL:

You connect by entering the following lines into the developer console:
password letmein

Garry's Mod will remember the last password used so unless you play on other servers you'll only have to do the connect line on subsequent joins.

It is important that you also install Team Fortress 2 and have it enabled within Garry's Mod's main menu because some of the addons in the collection depend on it.
gm_genesis and/or gm_excess_construct

also theres some mod that allows players to kind of sort of choose their own playermodels from the workshop but i cant remember what its called
Dying of boredom, I'll try it all...
updated OP to make it clear that it's a sandbox server and i've added those maps to the collection
flatgrass 24/7
but not the new flatgrass the original one
HomeTown 1999

INM Playermodels
Waifu Pillow Playermodel
Marisa Playermodel
Reimu Playermodel
Ragdoll Fight

Weapons and stuff idk:
TFA Base
[TFA][AT] INS2 Shared Parts
[TFA] Black Mesa Guns
[TFA] Counter-Strike Source Guns
Minecraft Blocks and stuff
Weapon Editor & Replacer
Ragdoll Roper
Minecraft Sign Entity
Playable Piano

Tools and other shit:
Advanced Bone Tool
T-Pose Tool (nice for ragdoll posing)
Extended Spawnmenu
Tool Search & Favorites
Advanced Duplicator 2
Precision tool
Enhanced PlayerModel Selector
Gmod Legs 3
Ragdoll Resizer
Ragdoll Mover
Hit Numbers
ULX Admin

just kinda copy pasted my own gmod sandbox collection i had laying around
Some Pokémon ragdolls could be cool. I've found some in the Workshop:

1st Gen
2nd Gen
4th Gen
5th Gen
6th Gen

I don't think we actually need all of them, so just choose what you'd like.
i have barely played garry's mod so i have no idea how that works, but osaka playermodel pls spɟsƃɟ