General Drawing Thread
cool drawing sora

what happened to tensy
lucky star teacher

im starting to use colors more often so thats good, didnt bother on doing a clean lineart on this one though
Namine from kingdom hearts. sword im also trying to blend colors well, I started doing this in the eye for example. I use the Add (Glow) feature and it brightens the eye out making it more complex. Im still working on actually performing this myself with skin tone and complexion but the eyes seems like the most challenging thing to do.

well here we are this was supposed to be tifa, i also did the shadows and coloring but removed it after realizing it was kinda bad. I make my shadows too dark and I need to spend more time watching how to make things pop again. For now you can look at this basic drawing, not really distinct in any way just wanted to post something
i honestly cannot believe these are the only drawings i have made in the last 8 months, and the last one before then was a disco ball
cool smoking girl
i really like the orc he is cool
ok i drew a better tifa this time, just a taste of shading. Shouldve fixed the nose a bit but yknow how it is.