General Drawing Thread
// just a bikko on a small canvas
i really love your style terri, especially the wizard in that comic. it takes a lot of skill to capture complex expressions and moody lighting with only black and white
recent drawage
a shinobu and a pleinair, something else ig even if im still sticking too much to the generic "bust looking a bit aside of the viewer"
i do like how the hair came out though
also obligatory kagarin
thanks reemy, b/w is fun

You're improving a lot, osk. these busts-looking-a-bit-aside-of-the-viewer are competently colored (nice outlines!) and really cute. Ossu ossu

chensoman drawing half way done, background left to do. want to do a katana man alt after this but ive gotta make it faster than i did this one
looking awesome!
drew the for the funny subject exam
hosimati suisei please
christmas saber, i have not drawn in 10 years
merry christmas saber

my two favorite jobbers in one train carriage. what could go wrong