General Drawing Thread
machete man goes hard
wow terrio i didnt know you were that good, nice
been slacking off of posting here ever since i put up, very sorry
people in the WWD have been posting a lot of templates to draw wife on, which is very fun, here's the better ones

i also drew myself & kagarin together. it's a bit cringy but i do like what i managed to do

and a kagarin holding ribbonjs icon

i'm really happy w/ my rate of improvement above all
it's really cool that you motivated yourself to keep working at it, these look really cute. very curious to see how your methods continue developing over time
originally meant to be smug but she looks more... sleepy idk lol
mikotyan ikatyan
your coloring is very appealing and i like the brush you use for the hair/clothes
a maho for dimentio
tried without lineart this time in the hopes it would make things easier (it did not). also through interest in Sauryanon (shizuru waifuist)'s style