General Drawing Thread
Haachama kfc. Drawing takes forever for me and because of that you have to imagine the chicken in the bucket and everything colored yourself. Have fun imagining!

Important: The new KFC logo looks like a stickman with a realistic face and little arms and legs.

also nice drawing
rika on ecstasy
if i end up dreaming about an anime girl's flying head it's sora's fault
Mia Fey from Ace Attorney
omg she drew rika

Been listening to Pink Floyd recently, so I decided to try out aliased drawing with Kagari wearing a "Dark Side of The Moon" shirt.
Its been a while but i have my latest entry arcueid brunestud from tsukihime. Here is a typical scene where she is sitting on the guardrail(not in the picture). The neck might look oddly positioned, but actually it is a windy day and I calculated the wind speed and trajectory, so her clothes are getting pushed to the right and its all anatomically correct. In short i am the greatest artist on the galaxy.