General Drawing Thread

i should start training anatomy

just look at those tiny hands

very good start mom, it looks like osaka pretending to be bird lady
looks cute, just learn whatever you want at your own rate, don't beat yourself up about it
when the
I drew the Kasumi girl from Love Live because flash suggested me to. This one is more like an sketch, hence the rough lines:

I really like this thing that I rushed in 5 minutes, have been practising mainly more boring fundamentals like perspective these days so drawing faces is really fun to do in contrast.

It may be a while before I upload more drawings though, as I want to be inactive in the internet for a while. It's not like anything has happened IRL nor I've gotten into an argument with someone who frequents this place. I just felt like it.

i don't want to end this post in such a serious fashion so here is another drawing made by my dear friend Lando Norris
lando drawing milkers
hosimati suisei please
get it because he likes milk
hosimati suisei please
Tried to do a modern look of rika with an accentuated anime style. Need to actually learn more about shading ( and eyes), but I feel like i'm making more progress since I started watching KNKL:

big thanks to reggie for showing me this guy
I recently had a night terror and the I piece killed me in my sleep so i woke up in a sweat and drew something but when i got to the i piece part i forgot what i was doing