General Drawing Thread
funtime told me to draw nina from girls und panzer holding a leopard gecko, took me quite some time since i wanted to get it right
An asuka i made that was for the purpose of experimenting with shadows and background colors. I am currently trying to work on making my creations less flat and more 3d with more fleshed out colors because damn it looks plain as hell.
I drew a cow farding on my palm thing hope u liek
drew emi because her birthday was yesterday. didn't upload yesterday because i had things to do. may be a while before i post more stuff, i don't like interacting in the interwebs as much as i used to so i guess i should find something else to do when i'm too tired to draw that is not vidya or surfing the net
also sora, even though colors help to create the "3d illusion" on drawings, you don't have to completely rely on them. i usually rely on construction methods while putting the basic forms in perspective when it comes to that. i got so much better at drawing heads when i realized i could draw a sphere first.

although it's true that i rarely color because i've never bothered to learn haha

now that i noticed it, both of us have really grown from our first posts wow
renamed this topic to General Drawing Thread cause sora also posts his stuff in here
hair down kobeni, but idk this looks off to me prob the hair length, but just went ahead and kept going
The body couldve been wider as well
la creatura