Musewave - A MIDI player
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Musewave is a MIDI player that attempts to fix many shortcomings I've experienced with contemporary programs. Utilising the powerful BASS audio library by un4seen, you can load any soundfont you want on the fly and even swap them out while the song is playing.

It targets .NET Framework 2.0 allowing it to run on virtually anything that understand .NET code, provided binaries for the BASS audio library are available.

I currently support Windows ranging from 98 to 10 (32-bit and 64-bit Intel/AMD and 64-bit ARM) and Linux to a reasonable extent starting with Musewave 1.3, I only feature requests and bug reports for these valid. I plan to also support macOS in the future but it's not on the table for the moment.

Currently I'm working off-and-on on the 1.3 update which ended up involving more overhauls than I initially expected, so it's taking me a while unfortunately.

This forum thread serves to replace the forum sections from the message board which I'm sunsetting because it doesn't really need to exist. The bugs and features noted below without a source come from that forum.

Reply to this thread with bug reports, feature requests or other discussion!
Currently accepting bugs for Musewave 1.2.7550.32028. (Less convoluted version numbering will come with 1.3)

Support for media keyboard keys.
Allow double clicking on volume and speed sliders to reset them.

None currently.

Features arriving in Musewave 1.3.0
Drag 'n drop support for the main window.
Output device switching.
Spin down the music while the program closes and music is still playing.

Bug fixes arriving in Musewave 1.3.0
Effects toggle, Repeat and Volume settings don't persist between restarts.
No audio in Windows 9x.
this is the best program ever and i am curerntly listening to crunchy midi renditions of actual songs using it