Speccy Thread
you all knew it was coming, you all feared the day, but the time is now upon us to spec your specs


we 16 gigs in the tower now bois
pretend the ram is 16, i wil hopefully be unlaze enough to put my other stick in today
>he has another stick
>doesn't use it
i'm going to end your life at speeds that will prove my worth of the username "flash"
my cpu has gone up to 90+ before, surprised it hasn't melted

flash just trying to flex with his shitty ram
yea this website is cool but everyone has fucking horrible opinions on here like wtf is this
@Sora omg i was a member of the volcano pc club myself once(or twice), it's pretty great lmao

speedfan c.2012

dude it got to the point where touching my laptop would burn. Like I used to joke around boiling water with it, but it was concerning. Volcano club still going strong
that reminds me of my old laptop, it would spew air hot enough to make toast out of the exhaust vent, whenever i got cold, i would just use that to warm my hands, but it would sometimes burn me. I don't have the laptop with me to get a screenshot rn, but i think the average reported CPU temp was 150C
my laptop eventually got a monitor and keyboard permanently hooked up to it because it was too molten to actually be used portably https://wart.host/20190103_sD4.png
holy shit 150C wtf. Thats a good toaster