F1 Thread
Lots of discussion happens about Formula 1 in chat so I think it would be a good idea to have a thread in this very empty automotive section.
Have seen this thread on other sites and kept forgetting to make it here.
Feel free to talk about anything related to FIA Formula 1 :3
my bet is on lewis winning the title in 2021. Redbull car wont be a championship contender next season and Max will be very unlucky.

but to be quite honest, very frankly speaking, in my humble opinion i think lace stroll will win 10 world champions in a row from 2022 onwards
hosimati suisei please

max winning literally every single race until the end of the season and sergio coming in second causing redbull to win driver's champ and constructors

it will happen i believe
I am going to win the world championship in 2021
matthew osk sponsorship winning Formula Nippon

checo :love:
non-believers will just say it's just practice


white rb is cute

agreed love white red bull bro
Dunno why but I made a calculator, you'll have to make a copy to your drive or download it because I don't really know how to do this properly.

It was my first time making one of these, I tested it a bit, but there may be some mistakes. It also doesn't really work properly (you can edit the positions so both get p1 in one race or both get the fastest lap lmao).




new alfa romeo teammate from f2 welcome