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hosimati suisei please
Vettel, Raikkonen, Alonso and Hamilton were the only drivers I knew that were active at the time I started watching F1. I think that at that moment I didn't know Sainz's actual name and that I only knew there was another spaniard in F1, but I'm not sure.

Regardless, that shows that Vettel has been one of the most important drivers of the last years.
Alonso W
hosimati suisei please
i thought it was an L for alonso but it seems like Aston Martin got Adrian Newey lmaooo

also Alonso + otmar bad vibes so he goes to Mike Krack
hosimati suisei please
ok nvm i got pranked with the newey thing lmao i read this and i thought it was the official AM twitter https://twitter.com/AstonMarIinF1/status/1554082399260139523

kill me im so fucking dumb wqeefgtbm6,k ewqdev gh
hello piastri
hosimati suisei please
goodbye piastri
hosimati suisei please