Post your Tablets
This thread is for posting all types of tablets, they can be used for drawing or any other means. (ipads count as well). I was looking for tablet myself last month especially for drawing and had no clue what to purchase. I got a tip from arysil/ reggie that wacoms are pretty famous and decent when it comes to practicing art or playing rhythm games.

I came across their Intuo Pro model series (New Version) and decided to purchase the Medium sized version. I was on the fence between the small and the medium, but the medium dimensions are 13.14x8.5x0.31 inches with a 10 inch active area to give more room for your hand. Its a sizable tablet, while still light in weight, you would need to allocate a nice chunk of space for it. I'd recommend the small if you like to draw on the go. On the side there are 8 express keys you can assign for basic functions like dragging and undoing as well as a touch ring for zooming in. It comes with the Pro Pen 2 that has about 8,000 different pressure points and you will really experience no parallax when drawing (it comes with extra nibs).


If the Pro series is a bit too expensive, Wacom has regular Intuos and even the One by Wacom at a much more appealing price. I was able to get a discount because of black friday or I would've gotten the One by Wacom. That being said, the express keys and feel of drawing on the Pro is what sets it apart from the other two. If you want a tablet with a screen the Cintiq / Cintiq Pro is what you are looking for, although it is MUCH more expensive

My scope on tablets is still severely limited, so It would be nice to see what everyone else currently has!

It's a simple Wacom Intuos Draw, the small size
Very nice tablet (although it's the only one I know, so idk), only thing I hate is the wireless, I bought the wireless module and it was a total waste, the wireless literally does not work, period
Got it around 2015, I think? Haven't used it much, originally intended it for osu but never actually played osu with it lol, nowadays I use it to create UI mockups and draw diagrams, enjoy that far more than using janky diagram programs, or making UI mockups in photoshop/figma/whatever have you
Maybe I will try drawing again... I do enjoy drawing, I'm just not good at anything that isn't UI-related lol

posting because sora wants me to even though i have no right to

left is an ipad air 4th gen, got the pen with it because it was barely more expensive to add it and it’s nice for writing, maybe one day i’ll try to draw probably not though. got it last august

right is a wacom bamboo pad, i think the advertised use case was for placing signatures or to have a touch pad for mouse on a desktop computer, i got it for osu because it’s cheap lmoa, got it all the way back in 2014. the colouring kinda started coming off from my hand resting on it, i also wrapped the pen in duct tape once to try to improve the grip because it gets real uncomfortable to hold real quick, i like to refer to it as the ikea pencil.

funnily enough with osu lazer finally becoming somewhat of a thing the ipad is slowly taking over that task also

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