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You WILL post your goals, what you are doing to achieve them, and why for the motivation and edification of others.
still debating whether i will train for 440 deadlift or 200 ohp. why? because both seem like the biggest milepoints i can achieve with my current strenghts.

dont think this will be easy right now tho because im on a "cut", so for now im trying to atleast keep close to my current numbers while losing some bw
hosimati suisei please
holy shit funtime finally had the balls to post something worth a damn

a majority of my goals in this area have to do with keeping up fitness in the winter when i'm not constantly doing hard labor every day since i tend to get really lazy with the short days and the miserable weather but that's not an excuse

at the end of last winter i realized there's a snowmobile trail just up the road that's a lot more safe to run on than a road in the wintertime and i started running it every morning and spending a good chunk of most days hiking. this winter i want to get down to a sub 5 minute mile, that seems like a reasonable goal. collecting maple sap in the waist deep snow is extremely physically demanding and i refuse to miss out on it this coming winter because of a lack of cardio discipline

so far i've been physically strong enough to do everything i've needed to build up the property and keep up with chores but i've noticed that i'm not particularly flexible so i've wanted to work on that some in the winter too but i'm not really sure what to do or how to measure improvement. if anyone has any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it

lastly i want to shift more towards eating mosty meat in the winter and until we scale up our flock size significantly (and probably afterwards) it's going to have to come from hunting and trapping so i'd like to pick up on that more, at a minimum i'd like to have some kind of meat in my meals at least three times a week (for reference in the summer this tends to be two or three times a month)
i dont know a lot about flexibility, since it came fairly natural to me. But i think the start to improving flexibility is constantly keeping good posture, but this might be very hard to keep up with your daily life. But it might be worth it to keep paying attention to your posture during times you can
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i try to keep a good posture while working since i hate throwing out my back, makes me weak for a few days and really hurts. maybe doing some sort of stretches in the morning after i tend the garden before i start doing the harder labor and before sleeping might help out a lot since i tend to go from 0 to 100 very quickly, do you have any recommendations for stretches or etc?
i would definitely incorporate lunges where you no only lean forwards, but from rest position also twist your body from side to side.

another one is to lay as if you were to do a sit-up, but instead of doing a sit-up you let your knees first fall to the right side and then to the left.

last one i would do for now is pike position holds as if you were to do pike push-ups, doesnt have to be extreme, just as close to pike as you can
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drink water
unfortunately i'm allergic to water but i'll definitely give those a try aery, thanks for the suggestions
hope these descriptions made some sense
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Hello, I apologize for belated

Spent last week attempting to raise mileage to an acceptable base in order to increase stamina to train for a faster 5 mile (8km). While I was very lazy in its implementation compared to a more structured approach, at this point in a training period smart people say that increasing mileage while avoiding injuries is the number one priority. This tends to mean staying in zone 2 for exclusively aerobic basebuilding which I find exceedingly boring and as such spent the majority of miles closer to my anaerobic threshold pace which one could probably excuse as attempting to gain more leggy weggy strength/stamina. I also find that not spending enough time doing a tempoish pace and just running easy miles tends to make it much harder to jump to tougher intervals mentally as brain is not as used to being stressed for longer workouts and as such it becomes difficult to push oneself and get the most out of shorter distance splits.

4mi @ 7min
Ran majority on a fairly flat course, recovering from illness so remember spitting up a ton of mucus during this session and also had a ton of difficulty breathing as it was about middle of the day with a great deal of humidity. Was the first run in a Hot Minute. Fairly difficult + embarrassing (my everything is embarrassing rn)

5mi @ 7min
Same course as previous day, not much to say other than it was similar to previous session but more successful and did not gas in the last mile, felt laborious but not as difficult as prior.

5mi @ 7min
Moved to a very hilly course for this one, was very suprised by ability to keep pace, I hope incorporating hills regularly will help to increase strength. Pretty difficult but happy I was able to not bitch out on this one.

7mi @ 7.15min
Was sub 7 for first four I believe dialed it back for the last few, ran on a mile track which was a first for me. Very interesting compared to longer distances on a 400m track. Really wish I had kept pace the whole way, was disappointed with myself the whole rest of the day still am.

5mi @ 7min
Same hill workout as wednesday (see what I mean about lazy?) did ok but remember starting to feel effects of not running for so long prior about now, tight hamstrings and calves primarily. Saw a really cool bird on this one, no phone so couldnt take a pic but cool enough to distinguish I guess.

13mi @ 8min
EZ cant get over how beneficial for brain low slow running is after it really does fake self into thinking everything is good. Went out with thought to just finish it and ended up going at an acceptable speed. Was flat almost the entire way excepting large hills at the beginning and end but was what I expected it to be, long basebuilding workout.

Overall about 39 miles, probably too much for a first week back. I may cut it back next week or attempt to maintain but I will Not increase by 10% out of fear of injury. (I am very weak) May end up doing some specific hill work for posterior chain + anaerobic next week but didn't really intend to do so much which is why planning is probably important. I feel fine but also tend to ignore injuries until they end up being an actual issue so figure it is smart to be proactive.

Something for others to consider for recovery is myofacial release. Maybe its a dumb fad, maybe its not I'm much too lazy to read scientific publications but the placebo appears to work on me. I only really implement under heavy stress which I haven't really been under in awhile so not necessary but every bit of preventative maitenence is probably worthwhile, especially with health as transient as it is. (I DO NOT REGUARLY STRETCH BUT I WOULD LIKE TO START)

Had a long conversation with an exceedingly good triathlete (this is an appeal to authority, their numbers are obscene) this week that I think would be good to share as a source of motivation to those with fairly sedentary lifestyles to start implementing a training routine. We were talking about how technical and specific his training regimen had become over years and years of competing and how upset he would get when circumstances would force him to deviate from his planned course of action. Eventually he began to dread training as he knew he would be unable to execute his plans perfectly. Finally came to conclusion that being autistic is probably not good for ones mentality and that almost anything someone does that can be classed as training is probably going to cause them to improve holsitically in some way.
One should minimize the significance of these sorts of activities, especially their minutae, in your mind to avoid mental blocks.

Ate really bad this week heres to trying harder next week.

Ganbare all

Arysil 200 ohp would be so insanely cool I believe she should do this would be sooo sooooooo cool