Soon with more Socks!

With the arrival of Sock Chat there'll be a few minor changes to the way you'd log in to the chat; instead of the chat having its own dedicated login screen being logged in to Flashii itself will authenticate you in the chat as well.

Since Sock Chat uses a Socket connection as opposed to an AJAX connection it should be easier (and even at all possible) for third parties to develop chat applications for the chat. Something I'm also planning to include with this is an IRC frontend. Pretty much; you connect via port 6667 and you'll be chatting like if you're in the chat on the site but using your IRC client of choice. Of course we may need to create a substitute for the login process but that shouldn't be that big of an issue as we'll be using our own server.

Another thing that I made available in the course of last week I also made a small profile "API" available. A documentation of this read-only API is available at /r/profileapi. A demo of the data the API can request is available at (the API test thing is hosted on since that site runs on a server different from, this file may also become unavailable on as time goes on).

And the new design, according to what I said a while ago it should've already been here for about a month now and I'm sorry that I'm taking this long but I get too many ideas for features (which is a good thing?) or don't have the time/want to work on it.

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