Stable: Top left bar in UCP is now styled like the new Flashii bar.
Stable: better font
Stable: Fixed White Chat style; Regular users now black instead of white.
Stable: Removed Hotlink Protection from CDN.
Stable: Created User Profile API.
Stable: Registered User-only pages will now display a login form instead of redirecting to index when user is not logged in.
Chat: Just typing /nick when having a changed username will revert you to your original username.
Chat: Fixed original username restoring after AFK when having a changed username in chat.
Development: Fixed avatars not having backgrounds when transparent.
Development: Fixed padding on ".head" elements.
Chat: Removed chatbot takeover functionality in chat.
Stable: Added a branch filtering option, it's kinda indev but works alright.
Stable: More changes to the changelog layout and added some "branches".
Stable: Websites that don't start http:// now get http:// added to it on profiles. Later improvements may be needed.
Chat: Made DevChat use new rankchecking function.
Development: Added new rankchecking function.
Stable: Changed the top right bar to be edgier.
Stable: Removed remaining elements from the old PM system.
Stable: Added legend to changelog page.
Stable: Fixed avatar box thing being empty if a user doesn't have a custom avatar set.
Stable: Updated members page to new system backend.
Stable: unbold
Stable: **bold**
Stable: Fixed a border showing up around some images.
Stable: A tiny version of your avatar is now displayed next to your username in the bar on the top right, will add this in dev later. Note that this only works on pages that use the new backend and won't display on some parts of the site.
Stable: Removed the Chrome message as it's kind of pointless anyway.
Development: Designing of the Management Panel started.
Chat: Changed the text on the message send button in chat from "Submit" to "Send".
Chat: The breaking of the mobile style is going well.
Development: Did some changes, style may appear "broken".