How did you find the site?
i been here since flashingshockwaves
i was cyberstalking the developer
and i saw he had an account here
but i needed an account to view his account
also the dev could be a girl but im assuming his gender
remove random crits from tf2
accidentally stumble apon the smugwave twitter account (mightve been a tweet nookls rted idk)
check bio
flashii? what is this
proceed to look at it for a bit then forget about it until like august last year when i made this account
then i forgot about it again until tetrio came out
was looking around google and eventually stumbled upon this cool looking site, probably gonna enjoy my stay
I was sent here by God
i was toying around on GitHub when i came across this
keep it clean they said well you cant even stay your self
well this thread was "bumped" but it was already pinned so I figure there's no harm in posting here. I've known about this site for a long time (I can't remember how long) but I never joined. I deleted all social media and social-media like things including GNU Social and realized I didn't have many people to talk to. I think that forums are a better place rather than whatever media encourages instant gratification and "takes" and "likes" and such garbage so I joined the first forum I could remember the name of