General Drawing Thread
Now featuring an attempt of Misaka Mikoto and a bad Kagari drawing

rare kagari
Not good in any way, but better than everything that I've done until now. Here's a Remilia? (doesn't really look like her (although maybe this version with the hat looks better, idk) and a Cirno with a scarf.
I drew the Pokémon Trainers from Black & White, Hilbert and Hilda!

yes i do draw like a 12 year old
Guess this is the drawing section for hobby. Working on getting better at drawing, so i feel like it would be nice to see changes over time. These are from September to October.
Rosalina-> RIngo->Teto (This was colored horribly)
I love your teto, she has such a funny face
the teto has such a perfect look of both confidence and brazen idiocy, like you /know/ she's about to go run off and stir up some trouble

as for my art, I started learning to draw recently, not much to show for it so here's one I did today

don't really have the money for a drawing tablet so all of my digital art is on a 3DS, works surprisingly well tbh
only thing is getting long smooth lines is kinda difficult without being able to do shoulder motions

and then here's a paper drawing I kinda liked (yes I can only do one hairstyle lol)

other than these I've drawn like three other things ever and they suck mega bad because of basic skills I hadn't learned yet
there's a half-decent bunny girl I drew but her arms are really chunky and fucked up so I might redraw her next, I'm having a lot of fun so far ^_^
There is no "I" in idiot
u g uys are so arty omg im going to take up drawing
i drew pippi once and a lady
current mood