The Great Northern Experiment (and Homesteading & Farming General Discussion)
>actually getting snow
got down to -10*F last night with no snow on the ground
kinda depressing
enable IPv6 or suffer from IPv4 deprectiation

having a fun winter morning sledding with my log
update: it snowed
bad news: its above freezing

also malloc why do you have a bike covered in snow
enable IPv6 or suffer from IPv4 deprectiation
why wouldn't you have a bike covered in snow, especially when it's snowing

i can't wait for snow here, autumn is eh spɟsƃɟ
things are slowing down a bit so i'll be able to record a winter update soon, but in the meantime enjoy this wonderful quote that i've just read:

Altho' thy Teacher act not as he preaches,
Yet ne'ertheless, if good, do what he teaches;
Good Counsel, failing Men may give; for why,
He that's aground knows where the Shoal doth lie.
My old Friend Berryman, oft, when alive,
Taught others Thrift; himself could never Thrive:
Thus like the Whetstone, many Men are wont
To sharpen others while themselves are blunt.
cannot shoot an update right now due to technical issues, enjoy this motivational one instead
realized i forgot a really important point in the last video so i got my friend super mario to talk about it briefly

if you know anything about what i talked about here please share what you know in this thread
what's a vitamin d deficiency supposed to feel like
in the short term the most obvious symptoms are mood swings and most people associate it with some form of depression or brain fog, but prolonged deficiency can cause fatigue, joint pain, and reduced bone density as vitamin d is used in the process of utilizing calcium in bone maintenance

this'll be the last one before i figure out the winter update video i promise