The Great Northern Experiment (and Homesteading & Farming General Discussion)
snowed all of today until i got to work and all the animals wanted to stay inside, supposed to be nice and clear tomorrow though

enjoy a photo looking off that roof towards the lake
that looks really comfy
moved a futon in and rearranged shit in the cabin and it is now much nicer in MY opinion

also rare kitchen photo
forgot to take a picture of the area above the bed, when i have money i'll be taking this matress out and converting it into a two-tiered shelving unit to maximize on storage space for feed and pantry items. right now i just laid down some osb and a flat table so i can convert it back into a bed if needed for (((reasons)))

sunset from a different roof
this looks really cute
when the fuck did you get a dgo
was going to cover it in the update video but shit is all fugged rn so i will be doing a spring update instead

the dog is a husky-lab mix from a friend of our family's daughter who couldn't take care of him anymore. he's young (<1 yr) and an enormous asshole but he's not aggressive towards any of the animals so i'm dealing with it and trying to get him trained up and proper as he ages. they named the fucking thing gabe so i changed his name to abe which is a real fucking stupid name for a dog but sometimes you just gotta

Surprise !

every now and then i deliver on promises