Downtime 2019-04-30

If you've tried to access the site between 17:00 and 20:00 UTC today you were probably met with error page. This happened because the MySQL Database server that stores all the data had been corrupted. All data has been restored to how it was at 2019-04-30 0:00 UTC, so certain posts may have gone lost.

Luckily I've learned from my past mistakes and every day at 0:00 UTC I run a global database backup so all that was safe at least.

In the process of restoring the server I've decided to ditch MySQL and switch to MariaDB which meant I had to revise some backend parts of the site, especially the forum permissions. These deeply relied on a feature not available in MariaDB as of yet.

Anyway, we're live once more! If you run into any oddities from compared to before today please report them here or below in the comments if said issues affect your ability to post on the forum.

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