Server Migration

Last week I spent moving everything over from DigitalOcean to OVH. Aside from other issues I was having with DigitalOcean, one of which was very noticeable to anyone at around 0:00 UTC almost every day, OVH has much better pricing. Other than a current compatibility issue with chat, everything is running well again! This post contains some details about the migration.


OVH pretty much offers the same specs as DigitalOcean at pretty much half the price. Despite this originally feeling like a “too good be the true” kind of situation, after further evaluation it seems like I was just used to DigitalOcean’s pricing that hasn’t really changed ever.

DigitalOcean issues

For some reason, almost every day shortly after 0:00 UTC the server CPU would get stressed. At first I thought this was my own fault somehow, since I had the server running a scheduled database backup task every day at the same time. Now, I said that the stressing occurred around 0:00 UTC, but saying 0:10 UTC would be more accurate, and the backups never took up more than 20 seconds so there’s no way it could’ve been that.

I tried my best to figure out if it was anything on my server that was causing the issue, but I couldn’t find anything. Turns out it was just someone else abusing their VPS, and DigitalOcean did nothing about this (and still hasn’t) even though this has gone on for months. Given their exorbitant pricing, this is unacceptable.

Chat issues

Unfortunately while everything else migrated over well, the chat server is currently experiencing issues. While setting up the new servers I decided to go with the fairly newly released MariaDB 10.6. For everything running on PHP, this has not been an issue, but for the chat server, which is written in C#, there’s a compatibility issue with its MySQL library.

I’m expecting that the issue will eventually be resolved by the library maintainers, but for now there won’t be a backlog when you log in to the chat. I realise this is very annoying, but, other than taking down the server again and reinstalling the database server, there is not much I can do for now.

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