Updating the chat subdomain

I have just changed the chat subdomain from sockchat.flashii.net to chat.flashii.net. The client for older browsers previously available at sockchat.flashii.net/legacy now lives on the root of sockchat.flashii.net. If you run into any issues because of this transition, please read the rest of this post!

Back in 2019 I hurriedly relaunched Flashii Chat using the web client I originally wrote in 2016. This was not my original intention and to communicate that I intentionally did not host the client on the 'chat' subdomain, instead opting to use the 'sockchat' subdomain to indicate the temporary nature. "Surely, I'll have the new client out in no time and we can go back to the 'chat' subdomain"... Things sure did not pan out that way! 5 years later and the plans to write a new client have been dropped and instead I decided to continue building on that existing client. Because of that the so-called temporary subdomain does not properly reflect its purpose anymore.

Somewhere along the way the original Sock Chat client was also uncovered and placed in a /legacy subdirectory. Originally this was only meant to be a curiosity, similar to the AJAX Chat instance still present on the website, yet it too has received continued development and has become a fallback client for browsers that do not support modern web technologies that the main client depends on. Because of that the /legacy subdirectory does not properly reflect its purpose anymore either.

After finally getting both codebases to a point where I feel like they are safe for viewing by other human beings, I have split and released both their source codes in dedicated repositories: Mami and Ami. With this I also decided to finally do the subdomain name changes. This does lead to a somewhat of a major issue, the main client can no longer access your settings because they are associated with the old domain.

For at least the coming month, when you load either client for the first time, you will be presented with a notice informing you of the domain name change. On the modern client you will be presented with the option to import your settings and on the compatibility client you will be presented with the option to export your settings. The respective pages contain their own explanation of the process so just follow those!

If you already clicked "Continue to chat" in either of the clients and still wish to import or export your settings, you can still do this through different methods. In the modern client you can just drag and drop any file ending with the '.mami' file extension (read: any modern client settings export) and you will be prompted with the option of importing the settings file. Alternatively you can also open the Settings sidebar and scroll down to the 'Import settings' button. In the compatibility client you can export your modern client settings from when it was still hosted on the 'sockchat.flashii.net' domain using the left-most button on the bottom right of the UI.

If you run into any other issues because of this change that are my fault, be sure to let me know!

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very excited to see continued development on this