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Time for another news post! I swear there's cobwebs growing on this part of the site... Time for a quick rundown of what's been going on.

Today I switched the entire site to forced HTTPS, including the chat! You may have also noticed that I'm working on a replacement for the current chat client. Progress is as always a little slow since I'm still the only one working on most of everything (aside from the chat server which is done by malloc) so bear with me!

Also kind of unrelated but I refreshed my blog and got rid of Tumblr in favour of WordPress because I was getting relatively sick of the general UI and lack of SSL, I'm also gonna try to post more often than I used to, maybe including backend Flashii stuff (even though not much goes on there, really).

Another thing you may (not) have noticed is that I threw a temporary replacement for the reporting system in place.

Posted on Thu 2016-05-26 19:16:13 CEST 0 comments
A big announcement


If you've been on this site for at least 10 seconds you've probably heard us talk about osu!. In an effort to make our users feel more at home we've decided make its control scheme more like osu!! Much backend discussion went into this and we hope you'll enjoy it!
Posted on Tue 2016-03-29 16:39:22 CEST 5 comments
After more than 8 months...


So if you have eyes you've probably noticed that I updated Sakura, the software Flashii runs on. Sadly, it didn't go as smooth as I hoped it would;

For some reason some of the user data decided it was too cool to be transferred to the new users table layout, nothing inherently important so I didn't bother retrying, and the Sock Chat authentication, which was working fine during testing, refuses to authenticate users despite serving the proper data, I'll try to get this to work again on a later date so for now we'll be using Discord.

As for users that had Tenshi before the migration, you've probably noticed that you've been placed in a new rank called Early Supporters. This rank itself is nothing more than a "status symbol". We haven't screwed you over though! Later today I'll be giving you your previous donation worth of Tenshi plus an extra 6 months for basically giving me money for no reason (the site literally didn't have features before so I call that nothing). The monthly price will also be lowered to €0.99 to hopefully entice more people. Now as to why I've changed from a permanent premium system to a monthly one; servers and domains aren't free and bills need to be paid. The money you pay for Tenshi is completely dedicated to Flashii and I won't use it for personal needs.

There's a few features I didn't get to implement like reporting and private messaging but that doesn't mean they're never going to be! I mean the private messaging system has only been delayed for 2 years, there's still hope! Another feature I'm personally very excited for is groups, this feature is going to be a huge undertaking though.

The forums have also finally gone live so you can start shitposting making constructive contributions there too!

With there finally being a new "stable" Sakura I'm hoping to be able to push software updates _at least_ once a month from now on meaning you won't have to wait an eternity for something that's on Testii to appear on Flashii. If you have any feature ideas be sure to post them in the Sakura section on the forum!

The third birthday of Flashii is also coming up, to think it's been 3 years since I first started this site and with that my "career" as a developer is kind of weird to think about!

Thank you for using Flashii and have a great day!

Posted on Mon 2016-01-11 12:52:43 CET 4 comments