Fixed things breaking during the activation process.
Made the last online timestamp actually update itself.
Made a tenshi tag thing display if a user has tenshi.
Made a user's country display on their profile.
Fixed rank title not displaying on profiles.
Fixed profile data not displaying properly.
Added a function to get a user's profile data.
Started with the implementation of profiles.
Added changelog page.
Added some more missing assets.
Fixed the system thinking that 0 is the ID of the deactivated users rank while it's 1.
Fixed the backend not expecting the users table to be empty.
Removed legacy development tools.
Tell users to enable JavaScript, it ain't gonna hurt ya.
Added password reset functions.
Added a legacy algo based password change force thing.
Added custom user colours (set through the database).
Made logged in users unable to view the auth page.
Removed the method of determining password strength based on length (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ain't strong just because it's long).
Added a setting to lock the authentication methods.
Made the SQL wrapper return PDO errors.
Made the header login form properly responsive.
Updated the links in the footer.
Added a password entropy calculation function.
Updated .gitignore.
Added template for password reset page.
Removed the PayPal API since we don't need it for what we want to do.
Added a function that resends the activation e-mail.
Added e-mail address sanitising to the registration process.
Fixed a bug in the registration process where username sanitising fails.